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10mm 3D Printed Gallic Army

10mm 3D Printed Gallic Army

The Gallic Army gives you everything you would need for a 2000pts Warmaster ancients army at a 25% discount:

1 x Gallic Command Pack

16 x Gallic Warriors

6 x Gallic Nobel Cavalry

4 x Gallic Skirmishers (makes 24 bases)

4 x Gallic Bodyguards

4 x Gallic Light Cavalry


If you would like to swap out some packs for others please contact me directly before ordering:


For more information on each unit please see its individual entry.


The miniatures are printed on a Phrozen Sonic 4K printer, with Phrozen 4K resin, at a 35micron X-Y and 30 micron Z resolution. Model supplied unpainted, without bases and with supports. The STLs for these miniatures are available on my gumroad store.


Miniatures painted by the fabulous and very reasonable DNA Studios.

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