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None of this would have been possible without...

Katy, Sarah and Amy, my deepest thanks for your encouragement and support, your patience and advice. 

A huge thanks to the backers of my Kickstarters, I know the trust that goes into the moment of pledging, so I want to say thank you for it. This would not be here if it were not for you.

Scotia Grendel: I could not ask for a finer accomplice in model delivery. Robbie, you cast a fine figure!

Mathew Harker, thanks for Painting the Ratmen and Vampire Vikings. You are significantly more skilled with a paintbrush than I will ever be.

Andy Meechan: A critical eye that spots a flaw avoids an elf with an ugly maw. Cheers mate, you make things better.

Theo Andrew: Do not be fooled by the way I stagger!

Warmaster Podcast: For keeping a game I love alive, for serving the community, for turning the air blue, I salute you!

Warmaster (GW) facebook group: My biggest time sink! Thanks for the community, the likes and the comments and a special hat tip to Kristofer Dingwell, Christopher Orr and Ross Paton.

Forth Valley Wargamers: Best warmaster  tournament in the world!

Black Gate miniatures: I don't mind admitting I followed in your great big ogre footsteps!

DNA Studios:  A high quality rapid painting service, many thanks!

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