10mm 3D Printed Briton Command

10mm 3D Printed Briton Command

D Printed Command set contains a bevy of briton commanders, Boudica (foot mounted and on chariot), Caractacus (bare chested with axe and head), at least 4 Carnyx players, at least 4 banner bearers, 2 mounted banner bearers, 2 mounted heroes, 2 mounted guards, 5 heroes on foot and a command chariot with driver and horses.


When assembling please note: there are different horses for the left and right side of the chariot.


The miniatures are printed on a Phrozen Sonic 4K printer, with Phrozen 4K resin, at a 35micron X-Y and 30 micron Z resolution. Model supplied unpainted, without bases and with supports. The STLs for these miniatures are available on my gumroad store.


Miniatures painted by the fabulous and very reasonable DNA Studios.