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Supplying a growing range of 10mm wargaming miniatures.

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For orders less than £150: £5 for UK orders, £10 for EU orders, and £15 for rest of the world.

Orders outside of GB will not be charged VAT, but will have to pay import tax on delivery.

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general 2 b.png

The 1st army into a new endeavour, these 10mm 3D printed Early Imperial Romans are ready to bring prosperity and civilisation to the known world.

german command 4.png

The Germanic Tribes stand ready to write history! This 3D printed 10mm Army represents the fierce power of the germanic tribes.

briton command 3.png

The Britons gather to defend their lands. This 3D printed 10mm Army represents the Tribes of Britain from the 1st century BC to AD.

command 6.png

Often Imitated, often victorious, sometimes civilised, always feared, the ancient Gauls were a force to be reckoned with.

Hastati Attack Close up.png

The Mid republic roman army represents the armies of Rome from approx 270BCE to 100BCE. Bring together your Hastati, and Principes to repel the foe, and if it gets desperate, ready the Triarii to enter the fray!


The City Dwarfs may be more civilised than their mountain cousins, some would insist that they have gone soft, but not to their faces, never to their faces. The city dwarfs cover two warmaster revolution lists, saving you painting time, and delivering flexibility in your games.

druid eagle 5.png

This brutal, cavalry and chariot heavy army provides a dynamic opportunity to anyone who likes to cover ground and dictate the terms of engagement. 3D printed with incredible detail, these 10mm models will bring joy to your table.

Tatsu tree mini 1.png

These high resolution 3D printed miniatures cover the traditional Ratmen and the new Nippon lists for WM Revolution

Dwarf Starter Army_edited.jpg

My lead free pewter Dwarfs remain my most popular range. Wielding axes, guns, X-bows and grudges these little fellows make a big impact.

Steg painted.png

The Children of Apep cover all entries for the lizardmen army for WM Revolution, giving a fresh take on an ancient force. Lead free pewter and cast resin.

huscarls right.png

The Vampire Vikings range is a highly versatile army, covering Wet and Dry undead and, with the addition of an undead Mammoth and Frost Giant, you can even field them as rampaging Norse. Lead free pewter and cast resin.

Raptors 3.png

The Pictish woodlanders have all your Elf army bases covered! Lead free pewter and cast resin miniatures.

ratmen cromarty forge-dawnsblackphotography-201908247887_edited.jpg


My 1st army, and one of my favourites, the Samurai Ratmen can be fielded as classic ratmen or the new Nipponese list. Lead free pewter and resin.

Oni Close up.png

Whether you want to print high detailed resin armies, or FDM scenery, you can find the files you need on my Gumroad store.

town houses web.png

DG Minis UK can provide printed 10mm scenery for your table, including from my range of sculpts.


If you are living in Europe, love these models, but worry about import charges, please can I direct you to Excellent Minis who print a selection of my armies for those without printers.


For those lucky enough to live in Australia, you can pick up 3D printed versions of my miniatures and scenery at Adrah Labs.

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