10mm Printed Magical Items

10mm Printed Magical Items

A pack of 13 3D Printed magic items and some golem bearers to lug them around the battlefield for you. The set contains

4 Swords: Cleaving, Fate, Destruction and Might. A Staff, a rod and a sceptre all on long plinths.

A Ring, an Helm, an Orb, a wand, a crown, and a Scroll on square plinths.


The miniatures are printed on a Phrozen Sonic 4K printer, with Phrozen 4K resin, at a 35micron X-Y and 30 micron Z resolution. Models supplied unpainted, without bases and with supports. The STLs for these miniatures are available on my gumroad store.


Miniatures painted by the fabulous and very reasonable DNA Studios.